Marketing Plan Timeline

Marketing Plan Timeline

“The key to selling your house for top dollar—even in a dismal market—is simple: Implement a broad-based advertising campaign to generate spirited buyer competition for your property.”
– House Selling for Dummies

Components of the Comprehensive Paragon Marketing Plan

  • Determine buyer profile for property
  • Price and position to maximize buyer and broker response
  • Prepare property to maximize number of showings and quality of offers
  • Professional real estate photography
  • Gorgeous promotional materials
  • Traditional media advertising
  • Direct mail and email campaign
  • Targeted community marketing
  • Extensive Internet marketing
  • Marketing to the broker community
  • Orchestrated schedule of open houses, broker tours and individual showings

First Steps

  • Pricing walk-through by selected Paragon agents, as applicable
  • Staging consultant review
  • Landscaping review
  • Prepare property-preparation punch list
  • Professional photo-shoot
  • Order architectural and floor-plan renderings, as appropriate
  • Order pre-sale inspections
  • Complete Seller and agent disclosures
  • Order Natural Hazard Disclosure Report
  • Order County Bldg Dept. report
  • Order transferable Home Warranty, as appropriate
  • Prepare newspaper advertisements
  • Prepare magazine advertisements
  • Develop color property statement and brochure
  • Create Property-Tour Slideshow and Virtual Tour (if appropriate)
  • Develop Property-Showcase website with description, multiple photos, slideshow, showing dates, neighborhood information, loan calculator, etc.

Prior to First Showing

  • Update comparative market analysis: check for new competitive listings, recent comparable sales or changes in market conditions
  • Pre-sale inspection reports received and reviewed
  • Post property on the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service and affiliated website with multiple photos, detailed description and initial showing dates
  • Post enhanced-showcase listing on
  • Post property on over 90 of the most important local and national real-estate listing web sites—including those of Paragon, the San Francisco Chronicle, The NY Times, Trulia, Zillow, YouTube, Luxury Real Estate ($1.5m+) and Google Base
  • Property is posted on hundreds of Bay Area broker and agent websites for maximum exposure to prospective buyers working with other local agents
  • Post listing and showing information on Craig’s List
  • Mail “Just Listed” postcards to 250+ households within the neighborhood
  • Mail (or hand-deliver) neighbor invitations to first Open House
  • Distribute property flyers to major brokerages announcing first Brokers’ Tour and Sunday Open House
  • Outreach to neighborhood businesses and organizations: invitations to open houses, posting of property brochure
  • Email listing announcement, website address and slideshow to selected agents
  • Install “For Sale” sign with website rider, and brochure box, if appropriate
  • Order loan scenario handouts for open houses
  • Finalize comprehensive disclosure package for interested agents and buyers
  • Arrange catering for first Brokers’ Tour and Preview Open House
  • Complete final preparations of property to show in best possible light

On Market: Week One

  • Consider preview Open House or Twilight Tour for neighbors, friends and selected brokers invited by personal invitation
  • First Brokers’ Tour
  • First Saturday Open House, if appropriate
  • First Sunday Open House
  • Individual showings to interested agents and prospective buyers
  • Follow-up with attendees of Brokers’ Tours, Sunday Open Houses and private showings
  • Review market response and re-strategize as necessary
  • Prepare new advertisements; mailings; MLS, Craig’s List and website updates

On Market: Week Two

  • Revise ads and website postings to reflect new showing information
  • Second Brokers’ Tour
  • Second Sunday Open House
  • Individual showings to interested agents and prospective buyers
  • Follow-up with attendees of Brokers’ Tours, Sunday Open Houses and private showings
  • Distribution of comprehensive disclosure packages to interested parties

On Market: Week Three

  • Review market response and feedback, Internet website traffic reports, changes in market conditions, and new data on competitive properties and comparable sales
  • Review and revise marketing plan & pricing strategy, as needed

Subsequent to offer acceptance, marketing campaign shall continue until all contingencies of sale have been removed.

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