Besides giving me their time, Joe and Rafael paid attention to what I was saying and really understood what was going to make me happy. I always felt like I was their top priority and would recommend them without hesitation.

Brian D.

Joe and Rafael brought a wealth of positive energy to my selling process.

Bob W.

Buying a place for us was very challenging process on many levels in San Francisco. If it were not for Joe and Rafael’s support, expertise, and pure patience with us, we would still be renting today. Our needs and wants were very specific and we talked to them daily on the phone and via email. They are very detail oriented, attentive and returned our calls and emails very promptly – one of the most important factors in our relationship. They also know the city very well and were extraordinarily professional during negotiations with other agents.

Andy and David

I am so glad we chose Joe and Rafael to help us sell our house. They are honest, diligent, patient, helpful and careful with details. Beyond that, they have great strategies for maximizing value. They also have an extensive network of excellent service providers. They helped us through the time consuming and complex process of getting our old, cluttered house ready. I highly recommend them without hesitation.

Shauna F.

From our experiences selling our small house in San Francisco in 2012, my husband and I feel that Joe Marko and Rafael Acevedo offer the best real estate services available in the city. They are organized, efficient, and compulsive with details, while being personable and excellent communicators. Their services started long before the open house; they brought examples of advertisement materials, market analysis, and a helpful outline of the selling process. They offered excellent advice on preparing and staging, while being respectful of our choices necessary to stay within a budget. The beautiful brochure and webpage brought literally hundreds of buyers to our door. Our worries during escrow were eased by their rapid response to all questions. Finally, they are tough negotiators and helped us get the best possible price. We recommend them highly.

Judith R.

I worked with Joe Marko & Rafael Acevedo to buy my house in San Francisco, and they were AMAZING. They helped me through every step of the process, giving me plenty of information to help me make informed decisions. It’s pretty unreal how expensive real estate can be in SF, and consequently how intimidating it can be to participate in a transaction here. But Joe and Rafael brought it down to earth and helped give me the confidence to jump in. Not to mention, they’re both genuinely good people. I highly recommend them, and I look forward to working with them again.

Mark O.

When we interviewed Joe Marko and Rafael Acevedo when shopping for a great agent to sell our property in 2010, we immediately knew they were going to be the ones! Their professionalism and client orientation struck us right away and proved to be at the top all the way along the road! Joe and Rafael sold our property with incredible talent in less than a week, making the process smooth and easy and since then, we have used their services to buy a new home and got an amazing Victorian house at a great price thanks to their unique mastering of the market and negotiating skills!

Joe and Rafael definitely know the San Francisco housing market like the back of their hands, they have a huge network within the profession and are passionate about their job. They know the job so well that they anticipate every turn and are always on top of the deals! And one thing is certain: they will always go the extra mile to serve their clients! If you are looking for the best agent in the city, they are your team!

Nathalie And Jeff D.

These two are the best. They helped us buy our dream home. They were always there for us and our dog. Joe & Rafael work as a very efficient team -covering all the bases. All questions were answered (and there were many) in a timely manner.

They were highly recommended to us -so our expectations were very high and they met all those expectations with flying colors.

Priscilla C.

For most of us, the biggest challenges in the Bay Area when looking for a real estate agent or team is finding someone you can trust who understands your needs, who is also an excellent negotiator and responds to you promptly. Simply put, Joe and Rafael are truly amazing and have made buying and selling easy.

They both know the city, agents and properties better than anyone.

Originally, being a buyer in San Francisco for the first time, I had a zillion questions. They answered every question patiently, quickly, accurately and always conducted themselves in the most professional manner.

I have over 20 friends in the real estate industry in San Francisco and I can honestly say not one of them can compare to Joe and Rafael. Their level of expertise and experience can’t be beat. I loved working with them. I have and will continue to highly recommend Joe and Rafael!


David M.

My husband and I made offers on 4 different homes over a 10 month period with Joe and Rafael so we got to know them very well. And, we adore them. They are professional, practical, reliable, knowledgeable, never pushy, and all with a sense of humor. After almost 4 years in our current condo, we still feel we could not have ended up anywhere more perfect. If only they could have also chosen paint colors for us!

Melissa P.