Weekly Market Charts

Weekly Market Charts

The monthly Market Charts Dynamics newsletter will come out next week (after all November’s data is in).

Here is the updated ROI Chart comparing major stock indices with SF home values since January 2000. Comparing stocks with real estate is like comparing apples with bagels, but still it’s kind of interesting.

Weekly Activity Charts through November 28th.

Listings Accepting Offers by Week: big drop off for short Thanksgiving week, but still more activity than several weeks during the summer, and only 16% below the weekly average for the past 6 months. Buyers still seem to be out there making deals.

Listings Actively for Sale: continuing to drop as is common as the holidays begin. The lowest number in the past 6 months, but still high for this time of year.

New Listings Coming on Market: very low for the short Thanksgiving week. Considering how buyer demand has held up, and how little competition there is from other new listings, this might be a good time to bring on a new listing (instead of waiting until January).

Sold Listings to Expired/Withdrawn Listings: a lot of listings are expiring or being withdrawn in advance of the holiday month – in the last 4 week, more listings have been removed from the market than sold. Many of the expired/withdrawn listings will probably come back on the market in January at reduced prices.

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